Civil dispute conciliatory mediation is a peaceful dispute resolution method, carried out through the impartial third party – the mediator.

UAB “Lexpro” provides mediation services which are applicable in solving various non-standard (insolvency, quality, common decision and obligation defaults, etc.) situations with suppliers, customers, partners, competitors, colleagues and other participants of your business, representatives of various institutions, banks.

Mediation service nature differs from judicial and has strong advantages. Most importantly:

  1. Peaceful negotiation helps preserve good relations (the court puts both parties in contraposition)
  2. Confidentiality is retained (the court is publicly open)
  3. Resolution is made by both parties (court adjudication is made by the judge)
  4. Mediators are appointed and replaced by the same negotiation participants
  5. More time (court cases last long) and money (lawyers, experts and various additional fees) is saved

When the parties conclude a peace agreement with the help of mediation, if such solutions are in compliance with the law, at a request peace treaty or other procedural documents are legally documented. Being court approved under simplified procedure, peace treaty may be carried out by force.

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