Free Initial Legal Help

Free initial legal help – a free, up to 1 hour long, provision of juridical information and legal advice along with state or municipality, but not judicial, document drafting.

How to get initial legal help:

  1. Arrange an appointment in advance, arrive at “Lexpro” offices, located Gedimino pr. 1, Vilnius;
  2. Fill a free initial help query in the “Lexpro” website.

In 5 following workdays of both cases we commit to personally advise on handling litigation without court, inform about the legal system, laws and other juridical acts, help prepare peace treaty and support with otherwise initial legal assistance for free.

Note: Without an individual client’s request, it is considered that he agrees for the free initial legal help content to be used impersonally (without personal, secret or other private data) in the publication of “Lexpro” service information on the website or in other media.

Note: A person may apply for the initial legal help on the same matter only once.

Note: We won’t be able to help if:

  1. Your requirements will be clearly groundless;
  2. Public consultation has already been given on the matter.

QUERY for the free initial legal consultation:

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