Debt Collection

We represent client in overdue payment matters with third parties. After making a contract we search for the debtor, evaluate his financial situation and work out the most optimal debt collection plan. We can offer:

  1. Pretrial debt collection
  2. Judicial debt collection
  3. Prevention
  4. Procedures of debt recognition as bad
  5. Upon request, purchase of creditor claims

We also do:

  1. Creditor claim validity assessment
  2. Develop comments / objections
  3. Take over the debt obligation (under a separate agreement)

Pretrial debt collection:

  • Preparation of requests to pay the debt
  • Delivery of debt payout request assurance
  • Visitation of debtors
  • Representation in negotiations
  • Representation in notary offices on the executive records fulfillment
  • Enforceable document delivery for the bailiff
  • Process performance monitoring

Judicial recovery of debts:

  • Claims/duplicates/rejoinders drafting
  • Reviewing
  • Representation in court proceeding and/or in arbitration
  • Support carrying out enforcement orders


  • Control of financial reportsIn cooperation with your company’s accountants we perform continuous monitoring of cash flows, remind your customers about the deadlines of settlements, send calls to pay for the supply of goods and/or services; in cases of overdue payments – perform thorough assessment of the debtor’s solvency and prepare debt recovery plans.
  • Contract optimizationAnalysis of loan, purchase, sale, service and other contracts, addition of extra safeguard elements in agreements

Hopeless Debts

According to your given data we evaluate your course of action in debt recovery. When determined that the debtor is insolvent and there is no possibility of debt recovery, we help carry out necessary procedures and gather relevant evidence that the debt is considered hopeless by the 2002 February 11 Lithuanian Minister of Finance Order No. 40 “Dėl skolų beviltiškumo ir pastangų šioms skoloms susigrąžinti įrodymo bei beviltiškų skolų sumų apskaičiavimo tvarkos patvirtinimo”.

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